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The Pearls of Clouds : Poem on Raindrops

Poetry on Raindrops


Rain is a beautiful season. After the summer ends, monsoon brings charm and cools our mind. It refreshes our soul. Every element of the earth gets joyous when the raindrops pour on them.

Don't you think raindrop appears like pearls?

Here is the poem on the joys that happen on earth when the pearls of clouds pour on it.


Raindrops: The Pearls of Clouds

After the hot summers,

When the pearls of clouds
Falls on the leaves of the tree,
The tree dances like a bee.

When those pearls of clouds
Descends on the dry sand of the earth,
The sand smells like perfume from heaven's garth.

When those pearls of clouds
Spreads through the veins of the planet green,
The planet gives the potion to drink
So that life would gleam.


When those pearls of clouds
Shoots arrows of the cupid at the air of sky,
The air caresses your cheek to make your heart fly.

When those pearls of clouds
Falls on the peacock's glistening wings,
The peacock dances with full swing.

When those pearls of clouds
Heeds to the koel's jingles,
We all know it's going to rain.


© 2020 Prithviraj Shirole

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