Updated on November 7, 2017


GIL BUCKMAN is a sales executive.
Trying to balance his family and career.
But finds that his eldest.
Has problems and needs a therapist.
Then runs into a more with his other children.
He then finds need to question.
His abilities as a father.
Then his wife KAREN has another.
He then gets more discouraged.
Unsure that he'd handle all of it.
He gets frustrated and fearful.
He feels that his income must grow.
Meanwhile, he deals with politics at work.
He wonders how it is going to work.
Humbled by his family and work issues.
He goes to his father and gets good news.
FRANK BUCKMAN, whom he once despised.
Frank informs Gil that is no surprise.
Then HELEN BUCKMAN, his sister.
Raises her kids without their father.
One of her kids named Gary.
Is alone in his room with pornography.
JULIE is in high school.
But has little respect for the rules.
She gets married at an early age.
Becomes pregnant while she stays.
Stays in her mothers home.
Helen has the couple in their home.
Helen advises TOD, the husband.
To talk to Garry, feeling that man.
Garry's obsessed with sex at his age.
This kind gesture will make.
Make Helen like Tod.
She eventually supports Tod.
Advising Julie that he is the one.
While her sister SUSAN.
Tries to get more children.
But her husband more interested.
In their current child's development.
Susan goes behind his back.
Doing what she wants to get pregnant.
She eventually leaves him.
Her husband NATHAN wins her back to him.
Gil lost sheep brother LARRY.
Comes to his dad asking.
Asking for money to pay off debts.
Telling them they'd kill if he doesn't get.
Helen then has a baby girl.
While Larry's on the other side of the world.
Tod and Julie still are together.
Through adversity, families stay together.

Steve Martin
Gil Buckman
Jason Robards
Frank Buckman
Rick Moranis
Nathan Huffner

Ron Howard


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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