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Poems on 4 Magnificent Palaces in India

Prithviraj loves to travel. He is always curious about the wonderful places in the world.

India is a land of great palaces and their chivalrous history and tales. Every palace in India has spectacular architecture and legends to tell.

Their designs are the fusion of Indo-Islamic as well as European architecture. Truly, Indian Palaces are great examples of Diversity.

These poems on Indian Palaces will give you a glimpse of the designs and the mind-blowing features of them.

So get ready to explore the Palaces in India as a poet!

City Palace, Udaipur


I am the Mighty City Palace of Udaipur,
Made by the Mighty Maharana Uday Singh.

I am settled on the gorgeous Aravalli Hill,
And you can see my allure from a long mile.

Since fifteen fifty-nine,
I am Rajasthan's shine,
And Lake Pichola's benign,
Whose benign increases even more at night,
Because of my golden shine.

I have three enormous gates.
One is called Hathi Pol,
The Second is called Bari Pol,
And the third is called Tripoli.

My corridors create illusions for my foes,
But will always greet my friends and bros.

Inside of me is a hanging garden,
Amar Vilas is its name.
Beautiful fountain decorates it,
Wonderful Minars glorifies it,
And a marble tub adorns It.

There is also a beautiful manor,
Badi Mahal is its name.
Paintings of gods and temples make the manor fame.

And in the Darbar hall,
There are weapons of my kings,
That has witnessed brave battles,
And are eager to tell you tales.

Amongst many Mahal, there is a Sheesh Mahal,
Whose mirror charm will make your eyes enthral!
Gifted by Maharana Pratap to his wife Maharani Ajabde,
This Mirror Palace is also a symbol of love.

Mirrors in the Moti Chowk are sculptured as three peacocks,
They are coloured in green, golden and blue.
They illustrate the fondness of the summers,
The windiness of the winters,
And the storminess of the monsoon.

I am the Mighty City Palace of Udaipur,
And there is more of me to know.
When you will visit me,
I will tell you more.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur


Hawa Mahal is my name,
953 mini windows are my fame.
They are known as Jharokhas,
And are like gorgeous dames.
They provide cold winds,
And makes the heat rescind.

I am made of sand-stones,
I look like a crown,
My colour is pink,
And I am the queen of architecture ink.

In seventeen ninety-nine,
I was made by fine Sawai Pratap Singh,
Who was the then Jaipur's King.

Chand Ustad designed me,
Colourful mosaics decorated me,
Chattris beauty illuminated me,
And the sounds of the fountain delighted me.

I am Hawa Mahal,
And this was my short intro,
I am eager to meet you,
Hope you visit me soon!

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara


I am the Laxmi Vilas Palace,
It's glory and chivalry in my chalice.
I am larger than Buckingham Palace.

I have 170 grand rooms,
And a lawn where fine flower blooms,
It's also a garden where peacock looms.

I am spread over 700 acres of land.
I am made of red sandstone,
I am also trimmed with trap stone,
And also adorned with bronze sculpture stones.

I have a clock 300 ft long,
And a darbar hall 95 ft long,
Maharaja Sayaji Gaikwad III is to whom I belong.

Darbar Hall is full of Venetian chandeliers,
Where music from cultural event whizzes.

Pratap Shastraghar is the weaponry arcade,
Where there are swords and canons made of gold.

I have Belgian stained glass windows,
Through which you can see beautiful meadows.

Major Charles Mant was my designer,
And he made my design shiner and finer.
I will tell you about me more,
After you visit Vadodara - home of mine!

New Palace, Kolhapur


New Palace is my name,
Chivalrous history of Marathas is my fame.
You can see tales of Chhatrapati Shivaji through my glass frame.

I am made of black polished stone,
And there are trefoil designs on these elegant stones.
I also have a fountain whose water intones.

My clock tower and cornices have a royal look,
And my domes and towers are fine luxe.

I have a zoo with a lake,
Where flamingos dance,
And peacocks feel trance,
Where spotted deer glance,
And emus bechance.

I am the New Palace of Kolhapur,
And I will tell you about me more,
On the next trip of yours to Kolhapur!

© 2020 Prithviraj Shirole

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