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My Unconditional Love for you


Sometimes I asked myself, Am I really well or trying to act that I am very well. Till now my every night pass in thinking about you. The nights have been finished in my stupid feeling. I see the light of the sun at every morning
But the gilded light doesn't reach to my kingdom.
I don't know why I awake every night lonely and why I like the darkness. Maybe it's not an acquirement. A failure speculating to get again in the wrong way.
I know never you will walk in my dream's way.
Instead of everything awaiting, waiting to complete an incomplete love.
The time is gone and gone. Also, my time is passing with the rules of time. But do you know how my time is passing? Ok, tell me please, where there is no touch of entertained, no hope to live. Is it life? Can you live like me?
sometimes I kill my pain with laughing loudly. Today I want to shout it out, come to me and give me tips how I will forget you. Because it's impossible to me to forget you.

© 2018 Faruk Ahmad

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