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Poetry: Overlooking Sunrise

Darius is a former high school literary and feature writer that loves reading books, listening to music, and watching movies.

Artwork by lumfur_art on Instagram, Lumfur on Walli

Artwork by lumfur_art on Instagram, Lumfur on Walli

Unaccounted days of strolling in the park,

We met once when it almost got dark.

Spine-chilling winds that blew from the atmosphere,

Didn't know that I would find the joy of warmth over here.

And when we almost trudged just to reach the peak,

We looked at the sky that doesn't seem so bleak;

Of the misty fog covering the air,

The snow that melts in the strands of your hair,

The water that flowed down a placid river,

And the brown color of your eyes, the sun shines, delivers.

Interlocked hands while overlooking such a majestic place,

We took deep breaths and slowed down our pace.

And despite the noise of nature that surrounds,

All I could hear were our beating hearts thumping with passionate sounds

© 2021 Darius Razzle Paciente