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holding the rope

imagine two long ropes
each tied to flat wood
slung over a crossbar
we’re sitting on the seats
holding each other’s rope
we are at the same level
high above the ground
our eyes close together
whispering to one another
“i’ll never let go of the rope”
as sincerely as we are now
our vulnerability on high
and our confidence, as we
decided to place our lives
in another’s believing hands
trusting they will hold fast
but soon we realized the rope
has lengthened on its own
and when we looked down
our feet touching the ground
we finally saved our strength
taking each other's hand instead
walking away without our fears
our dreams hanging in the air
now trailing close behind us
i don’t cry looking at myself
but i do when i look at you
remembering you saved me
holding on, so trusting in love
we didn’t have to climb down
it happened living on faith
the love of a lifetime, walking
on the holy ground of our own

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