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Richu is a High School who has received numerous prizes in witing and is a keen and active writer.


Life led me to success of the unthinkable,

Which led me to the optimistic delusion of the unreachable.

The world drew my efforts down to impossible and never,

And they were the worst lightning struck on my life ever.

Vision is what their words lack,

And their conclusions were trodden black.

Negatives not to be stuffed onto your braniac rack,

But to be shut down and fought back.

Doesn't make it right to be dependent,

Because topping the game must be independent.

You are never going to make it,

Until you will to take it.

Go beyond your imagination,

So you can show out your determination.

Hold onto your dreams and follow your passion,

Or else the world will treat you with compassion.

© 2018 Richu XO

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