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Yin Yang


Yin Yang

Opposites attract, that is what they would always say
It is exciting... it is enlightening
It is a good thing as one person balances the other
It is a partnership, as it completes what the other person lacks

Hot-headed person meets a peaceful levelheaded one
A grounded unchanging one meets someone uncertain and indecisive
A person that loves bright city lights falls for a nature loving one
And with one another, they found their other half

At first it exhilarating, it's intoxicating
A blissfulness and passion springs from your differences
Then comes confusion, the uneasiness
A fear... fear of losing yourself made by your differences

When your inner peace constantly disturbed by the grumpiness
When the stability is regularly challenged by the uncertainty
Then you question the compatibility
You even contemplate on the relationship maturity

You are the Yin, and he's your Yang
One cannot exist without the other
Both maybe wrecked when forced to be together
But with honesty and trust, they will prosper

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