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Once There Were Dragons

Mohammad Yasir is a published author who likes to write about sciences, social issues, and various other topics relevant in today's world.

Once There Were Dragons



Once There Were Dragons was supposed to be published on my Instagram channel, but that would take three separate posts, which totally ruins the experience. Thus, I am posting it here.

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Part 1

Once there were dragons
And their legends go far and wide
Such hopes and conceptions
Marred by the desires of some astride
Those magnificent beasts
Slaved by slaves of the devil's guise
But one lonely priest
Sought his way farther in the skies
His heart set for peace
And his eyes focused on the prize
Of free dragons Taming storms as people's allies.

But alas! Mortal minds
Set ablaze by the fury of his tries
Found him coward
For his pursuit of a life without strife
Ah Ami! Mortal minds
Slaves of desires selfish and vile
Disgraced the priest
And left him stranded on a faraway isle.

Lone and lost
The priest made an unforgiving vow
"I swear,"
Said he to the moon, "I swear to thee now
Rest I won't
And rest they won't, not before the day
One or the other
Is taken as death's helpless prey."

Part 2

Once there were dragons
And they travelled far and wide
These mighty creatures
That took all terrains in their stride
Roamed the island
Where the priest had been left alone
And thus was born
An alliance to aid him hurt his own.

His vengeful anger
Cost him his belief in Eirene's placid ways
His army of dragons
Fed him a thirst for the world ablaze
With war in mind
Fury in eyes, and a cold, broken heart
Astray from his ways
The priest set out to play his frightful part

True to his promise,
He invaded his home before all
Hundreds died
While some joined his reckless call
The first battle
From many that were yet to come
Lasted a mere day
For unprepared, his kin all succumbed.

Oceans burned
But the priest's icy heart yielded not
One war won
On he went, and on went his plot
Ah Ami! Revenge...
What trail of death and fire it brings!
And how it feeds
Upon the world's peaceful springs

Far to the West,
In the land of Kyron, lived a witch
Tall tales told
Of her unmatched, magnificent powers
And riches
That lay unclaimed in her silver towers
Reached the north
And fell upon our villain's greedy ears

Gold beckoned him.
This beckoning was the path to his reckoning
Very soon,
He would march towards treasure and fall
For riches, Ami
Are hard earned and well deserved
And thus,
Those born of death won't be preserved.

Part 3

His final battle
Drew nearer just as his end drew nigh
Armies he called,
Weapons he gathered of all sorts under the sky
Dragons he'd tamed
Would now slaughter millions in his name
For gold alone
Wouldn't suffice. Rather, absolute power was his aim.

And thus Ami,
On a day of fierce storms and thunderous rains
On a restless night
The priest marched forth to the witch's domains
Oh what folly
To face the Witch of Kyron on the witching hour
And what folly
To hope an army would stand against her power

"Out Witch!"
Out he called to his certain doom
And she answered,
"Away! Or this isle will be your tomb"
Here I stand and here I shall stand.
Mine your powers
And mine will be your gold and land!"

She warned, "your greed of gold won't wane.
Riches enough
Are seldom enough. They'll be your bane."
"Lies and lies!"
The priest snorted and let out a mighty roar,
Off went his army and thus began his final war.

But Ami
His tales had disgraced the witch's towers
Her mind
Was made. She would use all her powers.
The priest
Had lessons to learn and lessons he would learn.
For today,
Death was not the answer. Much worse he would earn.

His army
Fell fast for the land of Kyron answered the witch.
As for the priest,
She captured him and offered a chance to switch.
But ego Ami!
Many a mighty men have fallen prey to her.
As did the priest
He chose his pride and refused to concur.

And so
It came to be on that dark and dull night
The Witch
Cursed him for the violence he did incite.
"Love be lost!"
She said, "naught but sorrow shall you witness.
Ever and ever,
You'll be the omen of war and distress!"

Thus, reader, if you see
A shadow of white in the corner of your eye
Know that
War is soon to come and you have no ally.
For the priest
Is now forced to roam across worlds unseen.
This is his curse
Where there's war, he is told to intervene.

Eons or eras later
After his debt is paid and all wars are gone
Then and only then
Will his fate in the afterlife be drawn.

© 2022 Mohammad Yasir

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