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Once on Dinner

"Once on Dinner" is free verse poem based on imaginations. In which a lover is telling to her beloved about his choice. I wrote on 23/7/21


FreeVerse Poem: "Once On Dinner!"

Once on dinner!

She asked me.

What's your choice?

I looked her face.

And replied;

Full moon at midnight.

Howling of wolves at height.

smoke of a cigarette.

Slow music of the joy.

Beneath the open sky.

Fragrance of Mehendi (1) of your hands

Mixing with fragrance of your sweat

And you! And you!

She smiled and gave me

Slap of love on face

And replied;

I am asking about meal

Oh my mad! Oh my beloved!


* (1) Myrtle

© 2021 Asaf Shah Khan