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The Old Woman: A Poem

Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.

Kayvan Mazhar

Kayvan Mazhar

In life people we love sadly pass away. Many time we wish we could see them one more time. Maybe say a few more words or just hear their voice. This poem is about a chance meeting on a lonely which turned out to be one of those times.

“Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, in every gesture,

dignity and love.”

— John Milton

I came across an old woman

On the side of the road

She said

If you want to live your life—


here’s how it goes

You’ve got to learn how to feel

Be prepared to make mistakes

You’ve got to get right with people

Put fear in it’s place

S&B Vonlathen

S&B Vonlathen

You’ve got to put a fence up

to guard your heart

Be prepared to let God do

His part

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”

— Helen Keller

After offering her advice

The woman turned to go

I called after her

How did you know

She turned and winked

And with a little smile

I’ve known you since birth

See you in a while—son

And then I heard the angel say “She’s with you every day

Author Unknown

© 2020 Timothy Whitt

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