From My Poem Oh God, Blow Your Wind on to Me

Updated on February 26, 2018
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Sherry, has a certificate in Web Technologies, and a degree in General Education (AGE).

Oh God, Refresh me with Your Breeze

rewritten Monday, February 26, 2018

Oh God, refresh me with your breeze, while I am on this earth,

Sitting here, trying to be blessed, and successful.

Refresh me with your breeze Oh God;

Let your breeze bring me healing, and joy, forever.

Oh God, let your breeze refresh my soul with your heavenly paradise, forever;

Oh, the breeze of God, refresh me here and in the land of eternity.

Oh, breeze of paradise, come to me; Where I am on God's land;

Oh, the breeze of God, come to me, and bring me blessings.

Oh, breeze of love, come to me, and bring me, love;

Oh, the breeze of prosperity, come to me and bring me success.

And refresh me with your breeze from your heavenly paradise.

Oh God, let me be in your paradise, like an angel of the universe

on this earthly plane.

From the heavens above the eternal world,

Where we imagine living in the land of virtual reality,

We live in our own world.

Where there is your own world on earth and heavens above,

Where there are peace and eternity on earth and heaven above,

Send down a guardian angel upon me to guide me, and watch over me.

© 2018 Sherry


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