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From My Poem If Only I Can Be Refreshed

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Sherry, has a certificate in Web Technologies, and a degree in General Education (AGE).

If Only I can be refreshed

rewritten Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

If only I can be refreshed, Sitting here, hoping for the best, I can be. If only I can be refreshed, more often; As I am in nature, I feel the breeze bring me healing, and joy, forever. As I breathe in the fresh air, Let the breeze refresh my soul, forever; I wish I can breathe the breeze of God, to refresh me, here in the land of eternity. Let the breeze of paradise, come to me; Where I am on God's land; Oh God, let the breeze of God, come to me, and bring me blessings. Oh breeze of love, come to me and bring me love. Oh breeze of prosperity, come to me, and bring me success. And refresh me with your breeze from your heavenly paradise. Oh God, the beauty of your paradise. From the heavens above the eternal world, From earth and heavens, Where we hope for peace on earth, Oh God send down a guardian angel upon me to guide me when I need.

© 2018 sherry

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