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The Cry

The Cry

O Bitch , O Liar , O Cheater , O Sterile

Such good names have been given to me

Do you know why?

It’s just because ‘’a son from me’’

Which they couldn’t see.

It’s not occasionally

When I’m drinking tears

Infact it’s in the routine I have

Gulping such poisonous words for years.

But today that’s enough is enough

I too have a voice (though never raised )

I too have many questions now

Which you too have to ask yourself twice thrice.

Does not producing a son mean

I’m infertile or sterile?

Am I actually the reason behind it all?

Just think quietly for a while.

The sons you prefer to be born

The sons you prefer to be taught

Have’nt they ever told you the facts

From the biology books they brought?

What ? No? Yup……………….. why this silence?

Let me only tell you

These are your sons themselves in reality

On whom it depends

The newborn would be what

On themselves the whole story bends.

Further let me teach you one more lesson

Which nature refers to as balance

‘’let it be a son or a daughter,

Treat both as same, both are my blessings.’’

This is the message with infants the mother nature sends…



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