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Numb - the Poem

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everyone has dark days. but sometimes more days are dark than light. sometimes you sink instead of swim. and sometimes that's okay. some people can find light where there is none. some people can be happy without consequence. and i respect those people. i'm cripplingly envious of their gift. because a rain for them feels like a drizzle but for the unlucky a drop could crush mountains . for those that live in a world 10 shades darker when lightning strikes it makes the earth break and crumble beneath a lie that was believed to be sturdy and safe. when the sun goes down it takes a piece of you. leaving you unprotected against the memories and emotions you reject . they scream and break things fore they know when the sun comes up they will again be banished to the shadows. the lucky ones will never understand how lucky they are. the lucky ones could not comprehend the contrast between our world and theirs. they will forever be insolent and we will forever be envious. and for some this truth causes anger and others it causes sadness. fore there is light we cannot see. their beauty and sorenety we may never know . the tales of a land lost . chained to the ocean floor only to see glimpses of the light we dream of reaching. but we are paralysed. and grieved. because the unlucky will never be able to see the contrast between their world and ours. we will forever be insolent and they will forever be oblivious.

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