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Two Fruits, One Tree

As a student at Appalachian University, Joshua is a young artist, aspiring film maker, and passionate writer.


Two Fruits, One Tree

By Joshua Foley

Over the greatest read I slouch

The night is cold and black as I sit

Underneath these thermal sheets where the air is thin

I give touch to a page

Below is a fit and father wins

So absorbed in the tale

I failed to listen to the beckoning cry and call

Strings of hair caught in mothers eyes

Time never fails to fly or ask why

And neither did I

A screech, then red and blue

Father threw a punch at them

Eyes were wide and bullets flew

Mumbling a curse as he fell to his knees

As I sat reading another verse,

"Two different fruits under the same tree"

The fictitious world became more vivid

A delicious distraction amongst the wicked

My door was opened, protectors flew in

"Let me keep my book" I said

A dead nod was all I was giving

Now I sit under a tree with one fruit

A regretful breeze teases the hair behind my neck

The memories are back, I see my roots in strife

I pull out another book

Is it a sin to separate oneself from life?


© 2020 JoshuaFoley

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