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First Cry

Studies psychology, advocates on mental & physical wellness, teaches & writes.

A sudden clasp of the algid air,
Trembled the hair on my humid skin.
Unto my shaking fingertips,
And traveled through my weary veins.

Rising towards the middle of my head,
Then the lights went blurry.
As my vision turned round and round,
It’s difficult to catch a breath,
Felt like I’m about to faint.

The sun went down to its hiding place,
Along with my consciousness.
The solid ground beneath my feet,
Served as my temporary bed.

Various types of voices awakened me,
They were all looking & congratulating me.
I was inside a white room,
Wearing white clothes
With a dextrose hanging on one hand.

I didn’t stayed for long,
For the doctor released me soon.
But never forgot to gave me his professional advice.

My mom, she accumulated me,
While dad carried me.
They said, ‘My beautiful daughter,
Please take care of yourself more
For you are bringing God’s greatest gift of all.’

My beating heart galvanized,
As my emotions stirred.
I couldn’t understand how I felt
A portion of excitement,
Blended with tension.
At the same time,
Happiness became my soul.

There were a lot of changes,
From my body shape,
To almost every little thing I do.

For nine long months,

I prayed a lot!

I waited a lot!

I opened my heart fully,
And offered it to God.
Because without his glory,
I might not deliver the baby.

So, I steadied my faith,
And gripped on my family.
The days went on fast but not easy.

One cold night,
When the moon was perfect
Centering the skies along with the brilliant stars,
An overwhelming pain shocked me.

My foot numbed suddenly,
Then the ache increased in my core,
All the way to my lower back.

I wanted to scream!
I wanted to shout!
The water broke!
The blood followed!

I couldn’t take it no more.

For a long, long time,
The pain continued,
Until it forced me to push.
Push like I’ve never pushed before!

The blood cascaded,
My body felt so exhausted.
I tried, tried my very best,
To not cry, to not stop!

Though my breath came short,
I pushed through the shooting pain.
My throat went dry and warm,
I needed a drink
To refresh my thirsty self.

But, I couldn’t waste a single minute,
To try and save myself.
An angel cant wait to see the world,
It should be her than me first.

The numb elevated,
For many sore minutes.
I almost let out a tear,
Until the pain altered to a smile.

My heart jumped out as high,
My spirit glowed in glee.
When I first heard,
The cry of a new born child.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Shing Araya

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