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Nature Poems

Nature Poems

And then there is nothing

Not sound nor silence

Not light nor dark

Simply oblivion

And in that nothing

There was everything

Darkness does not exist

What does exists is a name given to the absence of light


It does not come, but is created from something leaving

Yet that is not so poetic as Darkness

The thing that destroys light

Consumes hope

Festers in fear

The thing that turns humans into monsters

And restful sleep into tormenting nightmares

Darkness, as in the absence of light may not exist

But Darkness, as in the manifestation of evil undeniably does


Searing the land

Killing the life force of water

Sending in unwanted waves

The sun kills us all

Yet without it we die

We would be consumed by cold

We would become nothing more then chilled dust

The sun is warmth and light

But to much warmth is death


Darkening the land

Sending in waves to destroy the land

The moon will kill us all

Yet without it we die

We would be consumed by warmth

We would become nothing more then touched dust

The Moon is beautiful and crisp

But too much beauty is death

Compare the to the sun

The empress of the sky

That you cannot look at directly, for it burns your eyes

But brings you warmth and light

That tells the flowers when to bloom, the birds to chirp

That dies every night to let the moon live

Compare the to the sun

Celstral, and everlasting

Lifegiving and pure

But don’t look directl;y at me

Or I lose my magic