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Ending a Relationship When Still in Love (Narrative Poetry)

I occasionally write emotionally captivating and intimate stories that have a personal flair in poetry and prose, such as this one.


The three poems below tell the story of a failed romance when still in love, and the attempts at working on the relationship with the intent of making it last.

The first poem is about how synchronicity brought us back together after a futile start, to grow closer once again, until the final departure.

When lovers are deeply involved, it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees, as the saying goes. However, once we are on the outside looking in, things become clear, as portrayed in the second poem.

Finally, the third poem reviews the mistakes with the clarity of being alone once again. I describe how we were working on the outer periphery of the relationship without concentrating on its inner core.

Synchronicity Brings Us Back Together

After a breakup for reasons unclear

Our paths once again cross, and I see my dear.

It was unexpected, with no thought involved.

But it opened communication for problems to be solved.

She told me she was leaving in a week to visit her family.

Without thinking, I offered a ride to the airport merrily.

We both agreed to enjoy the week before her departure

With no actual discussion and just some nurture.

We agreed that we’d talk a month later upon her return.

So we went with the flow and discovered much to learn.

We got to know each other more than before.

It's undoubtedly a feeling that may endure.


A Challenging Relationship Drifts to an End

Unsure at first, then feelings develop

Craving for more and caring envelops

Attentive to her delicate cues although she may not have known

Accepting all differences and desiring a future sealed in stone

But she found one thing disparaging

and no longer was acknowledging

With a futile team effort, she wanted to be freed

Recognizing challenges and appreciating her need

Set free when requested only because of love

What more can I give with no sign from above

The past now cut off, leaving only fond memories

The future cut off too, without further discoveries

Only the present remains,



Mistakes Made in a Doomed Relationship

What are we doing with this relationship?
Are we just here for the companionship?

Concentrating only on the periphery
leaves us eventually feeling jittery.

We haven’t focused on its inner core
although we’ve had a great rapport.

By avoiding what really mattered
we came to a state of feeling battered.

We missed out on developing a real experience
and bringing our relationship to actual deliverance.

If only we were able
to make our feelings stable

Knowing and understanding one another completely
would’ve helped discover mutual needs so sweetly.

Trust in the process
could’ve bound our hearts regardless.

That, I feel, is necessary to create a bond throughout
that cannot be broken by fear or by doubt.



A quote from Isaac Asimov best explains my experience with this relationship:

“In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.”

— Isaac Asimov

© 2016 Glenn Stok

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