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The author is trying to be imaginative about the sufferings of suicidal victims that we come across in the columns of a newspaper diurnal.


He should be enjoying the blissful petrichor,

But here he is standing all alone at the mountain edge,

thinking if he should take a leap and see what it feels like

When he should be sitting leisurely staring at the night sky,

Here he is thinking in fact,


what can make him happy in his life?

The world keeps running after money

and he can't help but think about the same,

he heard his parents saying we don't have enough money,

Whom to blame?

his rich friends that make him gulp every time he tries to talk,

his relatives who don't want to be in touch with him anymore,

maybe the society,

that makes him think he needs to do

needs to be


to be recognized and respected.

He is only nineteen.

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