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My Simple Advice


MY Simple Advice

O my love like a red rose!

That's newly sprawls in Spring

O my love like dawn arose

Adieu to sorrowing.

Together we are as in Paradise

Apart we are as in Hell

Need self-sacrifice

None of us could live in the apart cell.

We are the foliages of Poplar

Whirlwind fleeing us to unknown places

As we apart, As we apart

Unitedly, tempest cannot shake and chase.

O my love, thou know

Tempest falls and scatters the ripen rose

Lie has covered; once truth reveals

O My love, my advice is simple!

"Khlaq Ba Wayii Har Sa Wayii

Janana Ma Da Cha Maana Na Ba Ye Maanma".

~Sana Ullah Wazir


© 2021 Sana Ullah Wazir2

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