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Journey of My Life

Ganeswar is an author, poet, blogger, tech enthusiast, and travel addict.


The journey of my life

From a narrowed past to a complex future

Like a valley in the middle of the dense forest

Passing through different cultures with full of ups and downs

Seems like a group of mountains standing in front of me

Where I am today and who am I

Life is perhaps a multifaceted prism

Still eager to explore through journey of my life.

My life filled up with a bunch of complexities

Inquiring endless unanswered questions

Why there are inequalities

Why there are differences

Love and hatred

Peace and conflict

Happiness and sorrow

Light and darkness

I am completely stubborn

Asking these confounded questions

Curious to explore the illustrious creations of the almighty

Waiting unambiguously and patiently

Believe to converse with God one day

To define the secret of life through journey of my life.


© 2018 Ganeswar Sahoo


Ganeswar Sahoo (author) on September 14, 2018:

Excellent idea Jay C OBrien

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on September 14, 2018:

To me life is simple, I am a simpleton.

There is One God to whom all religions pray.

There is One Humanity and no subhumans.

Violence is contrary to religion.

God is Peaceful, Loving and Merciful (not the one in the Old Testament).

Do for others as if they were a part of you... because they are.

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