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My Beautiful Last Love


She is a Business woman, martial artist (Karate 2nd Dan Black Belt), Indian Classical Dancer (Bharatanatyam) and a song writer.

My Beautiful Last Love

As the sun rises
This day will brighten
What started today,
Was a wonderful feeling.
By a glimpse at your face,
I realized that,
I’ve never figured it out yet.
I was wondering,
This pure innocence,
Can I ever find it?
This unrivalled score, I'll give
To your exquisite appearance
Until I drowned, I was deeply stung.
I fell in love with you then.
I’ve been so lonely in my past.
Like an endless desert,
Twenty years has passed
As a result of eternal faith,
In the garden of hope,
It has been spotted now
An infinite sea finds its destination,
Thanks to the imperishable love
Gazing at your eyes, It leisured here.
The beautiful immortal love,
Has defined this existence.
Regardless of Horizons, between us
I wished for this love to stay.
Coz the place where I end, you begin!

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