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Poem About the Journey Through Life

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My life -

A million pieces,

A puzzle, incomplete.

So many roads I've taken,

With trusting, hopeful feet.

Dreams have died,

Yet others bloomed,

No sense in looking back,

At times, the light shone brightly

Along my chosen track.

But even when the skies turned dark,

I've solidered on, uncertain,

My way ahead was out of sight,

Shielded, by a curtain,

I put my trust in something else

For what else could I do?

And in the end I found my way -

Fate had pulled me through

And all the people I have loved,

I hold them in my heart,

They touched my soul in many ways

And even when apart,

I'll know that they were there for me

And showed me so much more.

Some stayed close, right by my side,

Some took a different door.

Not every one must stick around

For every single day,

Lives entwine, but then divide,

It's meant to be that way.

Every day has been a chance

To start my life anew,

To learn to see the magic,

To feed the seeds that grew,

And as the days turn into years

I see how far I've come -

I look between the trees and clouds

And there I see the sun.

When I wrote this poem, some of it, especially the beginning parts, just came into my head. I wasn't even planning to write a poem of any sort at the time - I was actually working on another hub about something else entirely - but then this poem came along without being invited and I turned my attention to completing it. That is actually how I write most of my poetry - I rarely have a plan or even a subject matter. My son was reprimanded at school recently for not writing anything during an English lesson when the class was supposed to be writing a poem. 'I didn't know what to write,' he said. No ideas had come to him. But the teacher wasn't impressed with that.

I found that quite annoying. I don't know if I could write a poem whilst sitting in a room full of other people, within a given time scale. For me, poetry is instinctive and spontaneous - words come when they come and at other times are less forthcoming. Still, it's school and that is how it is.

This is a poem about life and the journey we all take. The paths we take, whether chosen or not, are individual to us and so this poem can have different meanings for different readers. For me, it is a poem about the complexities of the human journey; a path both rocky and smooth with unforeseen obstacles to overcome. Indeed, some obstacles can seem so huge that we think we will never cope at all, yet somehow we can still come out the other side, smiling again. Along the way, we meet many people who are in our lives for varying lengths and who often show us or teach us something about our own lives, even if we do not realise it at the time. We try to do the best we can, for none of us can see the future. Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes is doesn't - but through our journey we can evolve and learn to understand more about both ourselves and life itself.