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My Last Piece

My Last Piece

Please do not mourn if my pulse are no longer here,
Nor even moan my name on Satan's heir.
Please do not let my bier moistened by your tears,
For your woes is my weakness and it is too painful to bear.

If my flesh are full of maggots and it is covered with clay,
Even after death, my love won't decay.
Please do not let your morning turns into gray.
I want you to smile and continue your day.

Here in the poor casket where I dwell,
I have found your love as my haven in hell.
And as the sorrowful chant continuously spiel,
My end isn't tragic for you to cast spell.

You know I'm not going to leave you, right?
Dear, I may be not visible in your sight,
But I am watching you as you weep at night.
I am just an air floating in an empty body.
I am hugging you, you just don't feel me.

Back to the day when I wrote this piece,
I'm sorry if I hid these to you, but it would be our last kiss.
And if it happens that you read this after I have fled,
Please do not let your eyes shed.

© 2019 Zech Bron