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Motivational Poem

Altaf is an aspirant with an dream to join the army.For his dream,he leaves no stone unturned in his preparation.


Dedicated aspirant

Midnight, hyperactive mind, and a determined heart,

body fixed to study table,

sober eyes fixed on the book having hundreds of topics to finish,

and responsibilities on his shoulder.

A boy in a distant land,

dreams of getting stars on his shoulder.

Early morning jogs,

countless hours on the study table,

missing out on parties, and the fun

for a dream,

a dream worth sacrificing it all.

He wanted to be different,

he wanted to be a cut above.

It takes bold determination

to be what he was dreaming for

he knew it, he knew that it wasn't easy

still, he dared to dream

a life less ordinary.

His daily preparations took a toll on his body,

tested every bit of his determined mind,

but he fought,

with his own soul,

he fought against his fatigue body,

he fought against the negative thoughts of failure,

but the uniform always motivated him.

An aspirant

far away, unknown to the world

was preparing himself for

the day when he will wear the uniform.

© 2021 P Ali Altaf Khan