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Forever never felt as long before

Even biding my time at death’s door

Seems better than drawing another breath

Without you here anymore

Like the tide washing up on the shore

With every day that passes,

My memory of you fades

Your favourite dresses in all shades of blue

Why you would ever like such a basic color?

I had no clue

Your laughter that rang so clear

A mere echo

through my bereaved heart

That makes the last of my sanity fall apart

Did you like peonies or azaleas?

Did you even like flowers?

How many hours,

Of me thinking about it all must pass

Before I finally break free from this curse?

Upon this land that I traverse

Watching the world around me move in reverse

Monochromatic snow blankets the last of the colors I see

But I know, even as the last snowflake drifts away

The longer will my heart fray

A thought lingers

As the frost claims my fingers

No spring will ever thaw this winter

None but you can restore the warmth in my numb hands

© 2021 Leisha R

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