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mom's eyes

Cornelius Nolitta, Italian writer, published books: L'Anima Scritta; Arcanum. Available on Amazon.


mom's eyes

You brought the miracle of life inside you.
You felt it grow and with painful pleasure you saw it open your eyes to the world.
With trepidation, anxiety and tiring joy, you made it grow.
Followed, cared for, fed.
You enjoyed your progress, you felt proud and satisfied.
You cried for his disappointments.
Then the insurmountable arrived.
Your soul has been torn, torn into a thousand pieces.
Your heart pierced by a thousand daggers.
An inconceivable, incommensurable pain. The total cancellation.
There is no way to describe such agony.
It happened that your eyes saw what no mother should.
You saw the black angel take away yours.
Only that immense void has remained, a black hole that seems to engulf your pain, but that doesn't even scratch the slightest part.

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