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Modern Day Romance

Alexandra is a spoken word poet in Edmonton, Alberta; she has been preforming her poetry since April 2016. Dreamer. Fighter. Survivor

pen and paper...

pen and paper...

Her eyes were like the stars, bright & vast lands of mystery & wonder. When she looked at me, I swore I have seen this view before. She was the type of girl, any man would wait for. Is it okay that I knew what I would do before it ended up happening? This heart tug, a cluster of emotion, unable to differentiate how I truly feel...the constant illusion of time when she's near. As if, I'm safe with if, she would never blink an eye at anything I tell her; that everything was so small... no matter how big the boulder weighing down my chest to the ground may feel to me, was never compared to her strength and moral integrity. So I did what anyone would do. I put on a mask of a more acceptable version of who I felt most comfortable with. I lied through my teeth till my tongue soon recognized such activity as pure routine. Till I didn't clench my jaw everytime everytime I was about to speak. So wrapped up in the idea of comparison I forgot to appreciate the night sky , before I moved to uptown New York. Where I never winced at the idea of losing her, only to vanish into thin air. Before I looked at her with my ego on high, only to realize how hurt she was inside. How overshadowed she became, only to look at her with grace. Only to see no lady, only a maid. A shell of who she was once the first days I laid eyes on her. That night I held her in my arms and squeezed tight, only to wake up alone; have her nowhere in sight....a nightmare that keeps me up these longing nights. An opportunity for leaving me filled with shame.


What percentage of marriages end in divorce?

About 40-50% of married couples in the united states alone divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.

© 2018 Alexandra Clausen

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