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Minerva - A Poem About Goddess Minerva's Conversation With Her Maid

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Minerva - W h o I s I

Minerva - W h o I s I

'Equanimity returned to me
Saddle me. The hardships I trade with thee
I beg for pain in my bones, for sleep
The one that roots from selfless regimes'

'I understand you not, the princess, the Smoke
Thou highness seeks no riches nor a consort
Though passion runs deep, be human or fox
Tenacious thou self, what is it that you sought?'

'You won't discern my words, sweet maid
I've too much soul, love runs through my veins
For everything that breathes, that walks my way
To be people's elixir vitae, I pray

What you see are mere smithereens
Robe a l'anglaise can't help me preen
I swallow your pain & shelter your dreams
What I really want, isn't mine to keep

My people, my animals, they wander free
Their children may play & laugh with glee
Our land shall live in perpetual peace
There's nothing else that I truly need'

I imagine Minerva to be a princess of the 18th century who has everything but chooses to live with minimal possessions and seeks no materialistic pleasures. She's happy that she found equanimity and herself again. Minerva's maid finds it absurd for a princess to live so raw in a pretentious world of Kings & Queens. She's curious about the princess' purpose of life.

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