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Me vs. You

-NEW- A narrative poem looking into the basic thoughts that go running through the mind of even the most secure people.

I wish I was like you,

A carefree and happy spirit.

But alas I am not, I’m a prisoner of my mind, my cares, and my feelings.

I’m forever trapped in my own misery.

A self-imposed punishment riddled with shame and regret.

It’s like for me to be happy, I can’t be myself.

But then I see you.

Your smile lights up every room you enter,

It appears as though you’ve never had a dark thought, sad moment,

Or even a time when you’ve cried for anything other than joy.

I want to be like you

I wish not to care so much about everything but I do.

It seems so hard to let go like you do.

You make it seem so easy to be happy and full of joy.

You present the appearance that negative thoughts or feelings,

Have never entered your mind.
But then maybe it’s not really you that I see,

But instead a veneer you put on for others and even yourself.

I can’t believe that someone is able to be that happy all the time.

Because believing that you are truly in this constant bliss,

Is to believe that something is wrong with me

And that I am truly trapped in a self-made world of doubt and melancholy.

So I see you.

In your world of ignorant bliss and carefree joy.

As I stay trapped here in a personal prison

While I stay here,

Drowning in thoughts of sadness, anger, and grief.

© 2019 Zilfia J Robinson

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