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may it be as it should be

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as a child

i searched for friendships

i thought

if i could just find one person to play with,then i will be fine

i found two

and more the next day

and i was satisfied

little did i know

things were bound to change as i grew

i have but one as i speak

and to my surprise

i am no longer in search of friendships

true friendship finds me

as careers takes most my time

family being my first priority

limited are the people i may call friends

i have grown past

" you did not check up on me"

indirect status posts

" i am minding my own business"

as a child i thought like a child

but now i am an adult

therefore i think as an adult

love is all i have left

be it not enough

i pray you find comfort in knowing that

maybe it was not meant to be

true friendship requires

understanding growth

so with all friendships

may it be as it should