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Maintain Balance


You know that your bank balance, has gone into the red.

When those debt letters start to hit the floor.

But How do you check, upon the balance in your head?

And help to keep, those mind traps from the door.

You have to put some money in, before you take it out.

That is just an economic fact.

It’s the same thing with your thinking, of that there’s is no doubt.

You have to keep a check on how you act.

Just like you withdraw, from the money that you’ve saved.

To give you the life that you desire.

You can make a withdrawal, from the path that you have paved.

To give you the strength that you require.

You work hard for to keep, that bank balance in black.

As you strive for to gather up your wealth.

You also must put in the work, to keep yourself on track.

If you want to maintain your mental health