Madness - Goth Poetry

Updated on April 6, 2018
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Jann Allen Arud has been reading and writing poems for so many years. His works are mostly inspired by experience and nature.


Random thoughts from restless nights,
of love unbearably forbidden,
clouding perception of morality
that seeds greed ferociously growing,
bearing fruits of corrupted minds.

Consumptive havoc indeed stemmed
from chaotic actions ill driven,
emerging judgments of false impressions.
Atrocities committed without hesitation,
undoubtingly, the hammer has been dropped.

Forgiveness still shall be granted,
but upon only for who seeks truly,
with springing profound repentance,
and the promise not to go astray
from the path of the righteous and pure.

Undue obsessions need to lay rest lifeless,
beneath sand and boulders of regrets,
paved by good memories left unstained,
engraved with letters of peaceful harmony,
painted with cheerful colors of true love.

© 2018 Jann Allen Tomino Arud


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