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Lover Not

I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.

His scent, oh so sweet, sweeter than the finest of perfumes,

His words, how they capture, and hold hostage my attention,

His strength, he pins me down, my legs oh so wobbly,

His gaze so deep, I almost want to fall for him,

Deceit I sense, a scent engulfing him,

Silently I ask, does he charm all of my kind,

He speaks of an ocean, filled with many fish,

His actions scream, oh how little he cares,

But his eyes, so longing, what a contradiction,

I crave his embrace, only one that's filled with love,

I seek his love, and earnest desire,

But my lover, oh so cold,

I can almost spell freeze,

Lover not, I whisper to self.

© 2021 Matilda Mumbua