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Love Questions Unanswered

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Love and the heart



Oceans are deep but not as deep as the heart!

Rivers flows but can't be compare to tears of a broken heart!

Love is beautiful, but the worst is to have unreturned love!

Have you ever stay up in the silent night as your mind wonder in thoughts, you get lost in the process thinking of the one your heart beats for?

Have you ever made love with your crush on your bed of thought?

If love were tears, how many drops can you give for the one you love?

Do you know angels are also birth in flesh & blood!

Made out of clay & dust but with a good heart & peaceful tongue!

Do you know, Beautiful ones are already born, they exist among us today, funny enough you are among them!

Human, we are all strong, idyllic, courageous and vibrate. We build love in differs, we love in our own unique ways.

Love, the shape of every hearts in divers view.

Chiemerie Ozurumba 2020.

Adorable Pen

© 2020 Adorable Pen