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Love Kills You 2

My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


Jack at work
sometimes speeds up
Then he stops because he heard whistling
Of course, taxi drivers don't like whistling
But money is necessary
Who is this man?
Where does he want to go?
to Manhattan
One of Wall Street
He tells Jack about the wolf story
who became rich
He looks a lot like Jack
Jack is listening. attentive jack
obsessive in heart
Nasty bills hovering

One minute...when I am. write this poem
I'm not at the beach
Or in front of a fireplace and a window
behind the snow
I am in the midst of the chaos of my children
Amidst the political noise
And the stupidity of the market and the oil
There is nothing wrong
And the fish are arrogant
...Jack quit work
And hurry to Wall Street
Jack succeeded. And make the dream come true
Buy a boat and celebrate
The blonde and the cup in her hand
And you know the rest
Jack divorced Rose
And the FBI. diffuse
Jack returned to live in Boston
Rose lives in Britain

Love moved to kill another lover
Love does not love unless it is killed
Or he may give up and not be killed
just deserting
There is no love between two
There is a conviction between the two
There is a partnership between two
There is an attempt to love
You don't like that girl
If she loves you
And if you love her, she doesn't love you
And if you are in love
One of you will die soon
love kills you

© 2022 tabouche amin

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