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The Perfect Dress Of The Heart

Love & the heart has so much to share, & the language the heart speak & understand is love.

Love Is The Feeling Of The Heart


Connection Between The Heart & Love

Adorable Pen

"The Perfect Dress Of The Heart"

Love and the heart has so much to share

It's the language the heart speak, understand & interpret

They share best communication and excellent signal

Both found rest in eachother

When the opposite is felt within the heart

Probably not the product of the heart formation

But a sort of thought spring from the mind

Finding it's way to dwell in the heart

Love is the perfect dress of the heart

A nature only the heart can express

Love, a feeling of the heart

Feeling we get to understand the true structure of our heart

When love is felt in the heart

It convey message to the rest parts

So we feel it within us, our body, mind, soul & spirit

Then it becomes a part of our living, our life

Love, an eternal feeling that goes beyond this life

Not like other feelings which are temporary, ending with us

A heart, soul & spirit without love richly

Is like an eagle yet to renew it's old wings

Every other feeling & thing is optional

A subject of choice we make

But love is a commandment from above

A sweet cross every human is born to carry

Why it comes when less expected

The heart welcome with no hesitation

It seek no invitation, a nature like a seed

Already in us, we are all made of it

It's in us, somewhere in our heart

A nature of Divine, Divinity in third Heaven

It's there to bring to life and show forth

Not only to ourself, but, to every person in our world we can reach.

Chiemerie Ozurumba.2020

© 2020 Adorable Pen