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Out at Night

Nicole is a registered Mechanical Engineer who loves the outdoors and has a passion for helping people. IG: @liveforthegift


For my sister and brother.

Little kids go out at night

Trying to look for a fight,

That's what parents think

But kids just wanna write on ink.

They search for stories

Of magic and miseries,

Of kings and queens,

Any worth writing by any means.

Magic resides in our realm

Though don't get too overwhelmed

To make this happen,

You must make yourself happen.

Look for the key

Of what makes you happy

Dwell into this universe

'Cause life's magic bursts

Imagine yourself in the unknown

Swim or dive from skin to bone

Jump or glide, anything you want!

Just enjoy yourself to life's chant.

© 2022 Nicole Rich

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