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poems for life

Light can be seen in the shiny sunny day

In a lovely moonlight at the hay

It has presence everywhere

can be felt anywhere

And it is like hope gives us eyes to darkness

Take us away from hoplessness

It makes us possible to see things

Things that is beautiful and amazing

Light guides us in our pathways

And it is behind us all the way

And most of all be a light that makes thee

The beautiful things you see

In this deep,wide and lovely sea

Where there you can see

I am alone sailing

Not knowing where I’m going

While i’m sailing my heart is coated with fear

Even the water is fresh and clear

Under it many predators are waiting

They are very thirsty on my blood and loves drinking

All I can see around me is only water waving hugely

And the winds are raging strongly

Though i seen my self hopeless

Yet I still wish that I will finish this journey fearless

I am nobody but just a simple woman

Yet my mind wants to be a star to anyone

My soul wants to fly

That everyone is looking me at the sky

Only love and care can be seen in my heart

It is always hidden in the deepest part

Im just mute yet deep inside I cry

And no one knows why

My reflection tells the real me

It is always hiding at the darkness

So no one can see

The inside of it is beauty and kindness

I want to look like a tiger

But deep inside i am a hamster

Because this is my way how to survive

In the world that we have

My strength is like a little tree

It is vulnerable for thee

Can be touched freely

Can be broken down easily

By the raging strong winds and storm surely

Yet it tries to feel bravely

So it can stand strongly

Even everyone is trying

To fall it down fastly

It is still fighting

But deep I am soft like a bread

My heart is full of dread

And I am weaker than a thread

But my bravery is still raging

So I can overcome obstacles without worrying

My love is one of a kind

A small garden whose full of red roses

That to my heart proposes

Proposes of its beauty and freshness

Beauty that awakens my senses

All of them are ravishing

Yet there’s one flower whose beauty is sparkling

That rose take my breath away

Its sweet scent is spreading all the way

She catches my heart and eyes

Its stem is thornless

Her petals are very colorful

Characters that makes her beautiful

poems for life

— failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough

© 2018 Rusette Donita Yu

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