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Lifes Curved Balls


Life will throw you curved balls,

we know that is the truth.

I sometimes think that I’ve had more

than the legend that’s Babe Ruth.

It’s not so much the ball that’s thrown

but how that you react.

When thrown in my direction

I would tend to drop the bat.

I would always find somewhere to run

and cry my usual tears.

I would hide in my addiction

and never face my fears.

I learned to fight those curved balls

and live my life with hope.

I put my demons in a box

and practiced how to cope.

A life changing chronic illness

has just been thrown my way.

Those demons jumping in their box

trying to come out to play.

“You know that we can help you”

I hear those devils shout.

You only have to lift the lid

and let us all come out.

We can go back to how it used to be

When we took away your pain.

Just let us out I hear them shout.

We’ll all be friends again.

I had to fight those battles

I’m now not going to yield

This time I’m going to hold my bat

And knock it out the field

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