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Let Me Say It out Loud

sometimes you have to stand aside
as much as you might want it to be
not everything is about you
you must let someone live their life
whether a memory needs nurturing
or the time of dreams to come true
must take place on another day
when it's ready for you

let me try saying the right thing
then i will believe it
then i will live it

if it wasn’t for the past
we would not be here today
everything that happened
i won’t try to ease you away

i know it is still alive
i want to live it with you

i do not look back with fondness
though it may be that you do
i cannot compare my leaving
with your surviving
but that can be the common thread
separation from the past
it tells me what is true

inside myself, i have absorbed
the whole of your life now
the memories and the pain
the hopes and the dreams
along with today,
a life of new meaning
the one we can create
without regret or worry

that is what i have become
no matter the ego of self
or the need to be the highest love
yes my love, i want what is best
and when you tell me
i will love you the as i can
inside memories that won’t rest
and when our eyes meet,
knowing today’s love
is our newly feathered nest
whether upon mountain summits
or as reflections upon ocean currents

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