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La Famille



Modest are
the bronze succumbed and scuffed masks
prayed for the time to haunt the juvenile cup
laid on enflamed beds
to forgotten destiny
oh yes
they're lost.


Your voice in my mind

creeps through my once breathless corpse -

You're a dream catcher.

Pepe's Myth

Tonight, as I walk amidst of these sharp raindrops,
I am willing to cast every pint of it,
if it is only what it takes
not to be the most sinful crop.

Today, as I listen to the harp's amplifying lullaby,
I may no longer ponder,
for those senseless transgressing fights.

I maybe numb by now - but I am still alive.


Last Full Show...

His glance was loving

but a hundred beats away from me

Like a ballad of a nightingale

that was set to everyone just to see -

a motion picture

that has sold out before me.


Air 24

I saw the horizon cry for mere salvation,
hunting for a silent chaos,
declaring a law never been authored.

I wrecked the blocks which fenced me,
to hold you until eternity,
to cast your shadows beyond mornings.

i was chained,
but still flying with your wings.

Divine Comedy

how you thought I don't shine,
when it's your shadow
that has been blocking the light.

how you insist
I be moulded like you
when you're a pot full of cracks
not a drop of water stays through.

how you believe
I'm here, following you like a pup
when I have only been walking with you
to the finish line
so I could wave and say goodbye
and finally laugh
at the big joke I see you as.

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