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The Truth Comes to You

For a long time I was forgotten, not even the wind would whisper my name,

When the darkness came, it was easy to hide in shame,

My blood ran taint and was cold as rain,

I wondered my mind as my physical body walked the earth,

Even at birth my spirit could not convert,

While I knew my worth, I searched for confirmation,

Thirst for the truth, often left my soul with dehydration,

Being able to drink, does not always bring satisfaction,

Instead it prolonged my journey,

Long enough to realized the truth would find me,

To follow me as I crisscrossed from darkness to light, pleasant to stormy,

One day I looked back, and saw me,

Weary but resolute like a war ship in the rough seas,

I had finally come to meet me.


© 2020 Along with the wind

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