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Krisselle is a lost soul searching for her purpose in this mundane lifetime.

Two persons collided by chances

Is it a destiny or just a coincidence?

With a silence mere broken,

It is great to see you smiling.

With you, I feel like I’m invincible,

I can do anything, I can reach my goal,

I can even easily break a wall.

When I’m with you, anything is possible.

Our friendship molded by tears and happiness,

Perfected by hundreds of tests and sweetness.

The time we broke up and I lost you,

I thought I am about to lost it too.

So blessed that we have survived,

The test of time and my suicidal dive.

Because of you, I’m now deciding to be unbroken.

Though I’m not totally well yet healing.

So stay always in my heart and in my side.

Don’t let me go and always be my guide.

You are all I have, my beloved best friend.

I’ll hide my feelings, just be with me until the very end.

© 2019 Krisselle Jane Solangon

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