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It rained today...

Rain. who else doesn't love rain? it pleasant fragrance left behind. That freshness after drizzling drops making everything comes alive.


A pleasant evening.

Followed by a cup of tea on my favorite spot of the window.

A sudden deep dark black blanket covered the sky,

a cool breeze passed through my ears like they are trying to whisper something,

Such a beautiful feeling it was.

It almost made the storm quite within a while:

which was just hovering inside me since the morning.

A bright flash of light brightens the sky like it a candle is trying to create a source of the comfort zone in a dark dank room.

And then,

the most awaited moment came;

Yes. It started to rain.

Sitting on my most favorite spot of the window.

Staring on these rain drops soothes me slow.

I was completely lost in those falling droplets;

like they are calling me out to fall freely forgetting all the sorrows for a moment.

Shyly peeping in from the pane;

a drizzle on my face just like an erotic kiss,

a step towards a new connection;

a romantic proposal to fall in love.

I ran into the lawn to fill it into me.

It drenched me from tip-to-toe, gave me a shower of its love.

Drowning down all the worries, all the sorrows;

all the chaos I had in me;

buried somewhere in deep.

You opened that chest and let it washed away.

The joyous wave ran through my veins cleaning me to pores.

It was a new me,

you gave me so much just in few moments with some pour.

Waiting for your return;

Forever yours.

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