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our will be done

Mark is a Certified Public Accountant and a published writer having been featured in several anthologies along with his hometown newspaper.


nodding his head, several times
alright, he’ll have to accept it
now it’s time, find the decency
it’s the water under a bridge
a song sung by a lonely woman
even during a war, it can happen

he thought about the law
that’s how you run a country
but how do you change it
a dreamer does not always sleep
no, they cannot, they are always awake
the knock on the door is already heard

what is it that shades love at night
are we so sure of its source of power
navigation by stars, they know we’re lost
do we learn or do we only remember
we have no book except from the prophets
we can read it again or follow our heart

so tell me this, left or right handed
at this great divide, are you so sure
it may not be today that history wins
must we destroy each other in haste
men of good will don’t always agree
but for God’s sake they find a way

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