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Is Your Guard Down?

your heart beats alone behind a thin wall of flesh
and your mind surrounded it with caution
castles are majestic but only built for safety

i’ll walk however far your fears are deep
is it that your heart is living for a scar
from a sharp knife yet to draw your blood?

not everything under foot is meant for walking
i finally found the life you were saving
i have to tell my own soul to keep breathing

can you live with a man with tears in his eyes
the way they fall tells us if the feeling is right
the saline on our feet is how lovers cleanse

you value the things only you can give away
they’re not for a box in the corner of a closet
the gift of painful love is what i want to wear

i can’t say it loud enough but my life is screaming
is it enough for you hear through thick walls
i’m the one who is responsible enough for you

i’m tell you now, i know what the real is
it’s not the only thing but desire brought us here
a poet’s whispers are not just a promise

don’t let the things hide turn their back on me
i know you want to love, i can try to feel it for you
or is it time for you to let me all the way in

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