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I am enough

I am born as a human being and hence I have tendencies.
To be someone beyond the spacious sky, the colourful land and the fresh blue sea.
I dream about the future with a zeal that would never let me down,
But at times I completely forget, with the same dream is standing a great crowd.

I thought the path to my dreams is as smooth as the slide I played with, in the garden,
There is going to be some or the other person for my aid, what's the burden?
If I am stuck in a maze, I'll be having people to help me out,
But one day when I couldn't find a helping hand, my brain was stuffed with numerous doubts.

From that very day, I decided to be my own light in the darkness.
I myself am going to untangle, no matter how complicated is the mess.
I'll keep myself motivated by some or the other way,
Even after many failures, I'll acquire courage every single day.

My own light might not be that bright, but I'll own it.
Because it's better to have faith in yourself, than to quit.


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