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A Wish

Everyone has a wish in life. But mostime all of our wish remain a wish except there is a strong desire that back it up.

Adorable Pen Poet


My Earnest Wish

Adorable Pen

"I Wish"

I wish!

I have an enemy

Who i can divulge my secrets

Who i can still call my blood

Without having my back stabbed

I wish!

The moon could shine by the day

& the sun by the night

To shine on the surface of the earth while all asleep

So human could see the need for gratitude

I wish!

Nigeria will be like America

Paying every citizen a token for survival

Bribery, poverty & corruption become blank in our history

& police truly become a friend to all

I wish!

Eve never listened to the serpent

Got brother Adam into deception & lies

Wish they both never ate the forbidden fruit

The world would have been free from worries & death

I wish!

The world presidents in their numbers will read my poem

The world get to know more of a talent

Who has been in the game from scratch line

So i can smile to the bank with more added zeros

Oh i wish!

Nigeria can enter America without a visa

German embassy will have a rethink & grant my request

Every race & tribe speaking in one voice

Without fight or rumours of war

Oh how i wish!

The whole world can come together as one

In peace, unity & harmony

That's my earnest wish

Chiemerie Ozurumba2020

© 2020 Adorable Pen

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