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I Miss New York

Written after October 2008 but before 2013. I remember feeling nostalgic for home so bad I had to describe what I missed.

The bright lights and starless skys

The constant thunder of movement

The park bums and subway crackheads

Even the subway panhandler guy.

I miss my city; I miss my home.

Hot summer nights in parks

Smoke up your best friend's room

Loud noises from underground

Midnight bus rides with no one around

4AM bodega munchies

Running over bridges from one borough to the next

I miss New York City, I miss home.

Dog runs for lunch

Greys Papayas the best hotdog spot in the world

Yankee newer

The projects, the high rise, the brownstones, and lofts

I miss the way I never get lost.

Central Park, Washington Square, 43rd street, San Degenaro fair.

Penn station, and grand central terminal.

I miss my home in New York City.

The sweaty garbage bags, the busy recycle collectors.

Street cleaning rules seem to be in effect every day.

Porto Rico imports...dam!

Saint marks place, the sister spot to Union Square.

Upper West to Lower East Side

Greenwich Village to Harlem.

I miss New York, I want to go home.

© 2022 Francesca Caterisano

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